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Talent Acquisition Coordinator

The Stars Group

Name: The Stars Group

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Bulgarian
Code: 3107
Sofia - Sofia City, Bulgaria

The Position
The talent acquisition coordinator (TAC) supports the recruitment process through interview arranging, administration and a variety of projects.
Our hiring levels can be anywhere between 500 and 1000 people per year. This is a big part of the job and a crucial element of both the candidate and hiring manager experience.
Ideally you will have strong skills in English and Bulgarian, as well as additional language skills in any of the following: Italian, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish.
The role is broad and will change with the needs of our company. The core components are as follows.
Working with the other TACs you’ll be coming up with the concept, development and delivery of a five star, world leading candidate experience through the most vital parts of our process – the interviews. We will look to measure success in this through key ratios - time to hire and offer to hire. We also do this through candidate surveys whether they are joining us or not.
Hiring Managers
You'll be working to ensure hiring managers have a best in class experience of the hiring process, providing a service that minimizes the time they need to commit to complete a hire.
You’ll take responsibility for the candidate from the point of an interview being requested. You'll then manage the candidates’ journey through testing and the first interview then on to the next stage be that rejection, further selection or liaising with the talent acquisition specialist (TAS) for an offer. Interviews will often include travel booking, which is part of your responsibility, moreover it’s about creating an experience to reduce the potential reservations the candidate may have about relocation.
Team Organisation
By providing essential administration support to the team we can all work effectively. We'll need you to ensure the critical tasks are not only done, but done well and information for the team is maintained in a logical and efficient manner.
Projects will fall into several categories, from looking to improve the operational efficiency of the team, to looking at new technology and ideas and how they could be applied to what we do.
What Is Needed
From the hiring manager, Boris “For this position I’m looking for someone who is highly organised and wants to develop contemporary ideas for talent acquisition. What I really want is the right attitude and organisational competence. Attention to detail is really important in our team.
“We’re always looking for the next big ideas and you’ll be part of a global team where we explore these, develop them and then make them happen! I’m going to mention organisation again – there are many hundreds of interviews a year to arrange, around the world, for many hiring managers. Keeping on top of this volume is the main part of the job and efficiency in this area means we can do so much more with our projects and the coordinators can further develop and enhance our candidate experience.
“You’ll have a career development plan, which we’ll work on together, occasional opportunities for travel and be working with an extremely forward looking innovative company and team.”
The Stars Group is the ultimate owner of industry leading gaming brands such as PokerStars, PokerStars Casino, BetStars, Full Tilt, and the PokerStars Live brands, and through its ownership of Sky Betting & Gaming, a mobile-led leading online gaming operator, licenses the Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Bingo and Sky Poker online gaming brands.
Collectively, these and other brands of The Stars Group have millions of registered customers globally, forming one of the world’s largest publicly listed online gaming companies.
This role is in the Group’s Bulgaria service office in the Talent Acquisition Department. 

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